A:The Long Street Tour,est. 2005 was the brainchild of Adam Porter, Board Chair of The Long Street
Businessmen's Association and offers a full day of cycling and activities to showcase the forms of
cycling; professional, collegiate and leisure, in a neighborhood setting. The Tour's objective is twofold,
to bring awareness to the community about cycling and it's many benefits including health, financial and
overall wellness  and to expose the riders to the various neighborhoods in and around Columbus.  
Beginning, touring and ending in Columbus' oldest neighborhoods, the Tour gives visitors to the city a
unique perspective of various communities.

The Tour attracts elite athletes, as well as fitness enthusiasts, beginner racers, week-end warriors and
kids of all ages from boomers to babies biking on the neighborhood streets, parks and bike trails.  For  
the past ten years, the Tour has grown into a premier cycling event and to this date is the longest
running cycling event in Columbus, Ohio.

Throughout Labor Day Weekend, Friday, August 29 - Sunday, August 30th, 2014, there will be several

This is a fun filled weekend for the entire family and we are sure that you and your family will enjoy the
atmosphere created around this event.  Whether you are riding, visiting our local restaurants and food
trucks, stopping by the vendor and information booths, checking out our local art galleries, catching a
morning matinée or relaxing in the beer garden, we welcome you to the King-Lincoln District nestled
within the Historic Long Street Business District.

Come Celebrate With Us!!!!  

Annie J.
Annie J. Ross-Womack, CEO  
The Long Street Businessmen's Association, Inc.
"Living A Lifetime On Long Street"
Long Street Tour Organizers and Council Member K. Boyce
Q: What is the
Long Street